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LED strips are used in just about every endeavor these days.


Phillips and Atomic produced a video of skiers wearing LED laced snowsuits carving the powder at night lighting up the snow like frozen bio-luminescence in "AFTERGLOW" (video below)
"Under 4,000-watt spotlights of varying colors, spraying powder takes on an iridescent quality, calling to mind the pigments thrown during Holi... Screen manufacturers are generally fond of playing up brilliant, hypnotizing palettes, the most famous example perhaps being Sony Bravia's bouncing balls. The skiers also strapped on 7,000-LED suits for some of their downhill runs, making for even more dramatic footage." [READ MORE]
G2 Components has a surplus of LED strips that you can use to illuminate your bright ideas at a bargain.

(VIDEO) AFTERGLOW: Brought to you by Philips Ambilight TV

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