Future, Now: Flexible Technology No Longer a Stretch of the Imagination?

Combined with cutting edge innovation like flexible batteries and flexible LED fibers, the future of wearable technology is starting to look brighter each day. Researchers are beginning to remark on scalable parts designed to deliver maximum performance to multiple devices…

New Enforcement Efforts Determined to “Knock-Off’ Unsafe Counterfeit Electronics

Exploding smartphones are not the only worries circulating the world of electronic devices. Cheaply made in areas with limited safety checks, the world is experiencing a boom in the development of counterfeit electronics. Enforcement agencies across the globe are to tackle this issue with a unified front line…

Will Record Losses for Top Global Brands Lead to A Corporate Landslide?

After reporting their first quarterly company losses in over 6 years, LG cited their failing mobile division as the leading factor. But the question remains – which household names will be able to keep up with the new frontier of consumer electronics? Panasonic also revealed…