Polaroid Originals Releases a Classic Old Dog With Some Flashy New Tricks

The year was 1977; before technology was driven toward cell phones, tablets, and health-monitoring smart watches, everyone was looking forward to the next big Polaroid camera. Enter the OneStep…

Take Two of These, Sign Into Your Account, and Email Me in The Morning…

Can Ingestible Sensors Flush Out Stomach Diseases with Greater Efficiency? New trials out of RMIT University in Melbourne say yes, they can. They can also send real time analyses to your mobile device.

New Kevin Speaker Tech Aims to Tackle Dangerous ‘Sticky Bandit’ Scenarios

Christened with the moniker of Macaulay Culkin’s iconic Kevin McCallister character in the Home Alone movie franchise, “The Kevin” provides a customizeable speaker experience that includes a multitude of unique features.