Market Intelligence | Don’t Stop the Press!!! Component Manufacturing Set to Copy Man’s Greatest Invention

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

It may be considered as ‘standing on the shoulders over giants’ but many innovators look to the past to create forward progressions in today’s competitive market.

This is what happened at Purdue University, where a group of clever researchers realized that utilizing the printing press of yesteryear would be beneficial in a new form of mass production; the various components we need to run our electronic devices can now be made more efficiently and with less cost.

But what does this mean exactly?

Outside of lowered productions costs, this printing process will solve a much anticipated problem engineers have eyed on the horizon: the next wave of ultra-fast devices will require durable components that don’t overheat and kill the battery.

Akin to Iron Man’s sleek new armor in the latest Marvel Saga, Avengers: Infinity War, these devices will implement the latest in nanotechnology to help drive device efficiency. These new implementations are what caused researchers at Purdue to put on the proverbial thinking cap; they were able to connect the dots like the old games printed in Sunday circulars.

"Printing tiny metal components like newspapers makes them much smoother. This allows an electric current to travel better with less risk of overheating. Adding the latest advances in nanotechnology requires us to pattern metals in sizes that are even smaller than the grains they are made of. It's like making a sand castle smaller than a grain of sand." [ READ MORE ]

Printing innovations have never been more mainstream. With the vast popularity and household availability of 3D Printers, most consumers are aware of the general concept but not the vast array of application.

As global demand for faster, longer-lasting electronics increase, so will the need for better manufacturing processes. Factor in the incredible developments in the world of nano-tech and we are looking at an entirely new way of engineering.

Who knows what incredible concepts and exciting realities the future will bring? One thing can be held true: the spirit of human ingenuity will no doubt be partially fueled by the dedication of our past achievements.

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