Product Intelligence | Future, Now: Flexible Technology No Longer a Stretch of the Imagination?

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Combined with cutting edge innovation like flexible batteries and flexible LED fibers, the future of wearable technology is starting to look brighter each day.

Researchers are beginning to remark on scalable parts designed to deliver maximum performance to multiple devices, using an organic semi-conducting film than maintains its conductivity as it is stretched. With a remarkably low loss of conductivity, these new components can be stretched up to twice their original size.

This new research, published in the globally acclaimed Science journal, shows impressive results for new, flexible technology:
"In testing, the researchers say they saw no visible cracks in the film, even after stretching it 100 times. The current even continues to flow when poked with a sharp object. The researchers envision combining stretchy transistors with other components that could easily form wearable electronics that maintain conductivity even when stretched around the length of a human finger as it flexes and relaxes." [READ MORE]
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(VIDEO) Front Line Technology: Flex Screen Organic Transistors

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