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Inductors and ChokesBoth inductors and chokes are used in analogue circuits that tend to be a little older, and often obsolete. When these parts fail, the entire circuit will shut down. This will render your equipment useless until you can replace your electronic inductors or chokes. But what are they and why are they important? The G2 Intelligence Officers are hear to shed some light.

Inductors are coils that build up electromagnetic energy. They help to resist changes in the current in a circuit, and may be used in power supplies, or even radio receivers or transmitters.

Chokes are designed to reduce or eliminate noise in a circuit. They may block higher frequency current whilst allowing lower frequency through, or may block AC whilst permitting DC to pass through. Alternatively they may block electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, making them an essential component of some radio circuitry.

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All G2 Components go through a in-depth testing process by certified electrical engineers. Our advanced quality control systems and expert staff ensure you will get your part in excellent condition.

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