Product Intelligence | Law Enforcement Summons Ancient Weaponry to De-Escalate Criminal Violence

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

As most famously known, the bola weapon (also known as boleadoras) helped alter the landscape of South America when zealous cowboys adopted the technique to successfully hunt fauna throughout the wild. However, this weapon was also found to be of a more ancient origin; it has been found within the booty of Pre-Colombian excavations like Patagonia, as well as within sites of ancient Inca battles where fearless warriors waged war generations ago.

Even organic evolution believes in the effectiveness of the bola. Orb-weaving Bolas Spiders throw a line of web with a sticky bulb of silk at the end to capture their prey.

An effective, reusable weapon, easily snagging live prey without endangering animal or hunter, was an incredible invention given the tools of the time. Not to be outdone, dare we say out-thrown, by our predecessors, modern day weapon manufacturers are breathing new life into the tried and true concept of the bola.

The BolaWrap 100, from Wrap Technologies, Inc., will help change the fragile landscape of law enforcement for decades to come. Other current, non-lethal countermeasures all carry the similar trait of inducing exceptional pain in order to incapacitate a perpetrator; this has led to unnecessary serious injury or even death in some cases.

Sending a double-weighted, unbreakable Kevlar tether toward a suspect, as the BolaWrap 100 does, will entangle them and drastically reduce chance of serious injury to the suspect – or the officer. Small, safe, and accurate, this new take on an old classic gives our dedicated law enforcement agencies, as well as the proud men and women who serve them, an innovative way to help make sure everyone can walk away from an altercation with their life intact.

And rest assured, many agencies have taken note.

The Wrap Technologies, Inc website has testimonials from experienced professionals like former Chief of Police for Miami Beach, Don De Lucca. He notes how this device may help enhance the overall goals of law enforcement agencies: "When we have opportunities to look at something that might help our profession...we take advantage of them." [ READ MORE ]

No matter the generation, the tactical concept remains the same: it can be more advantageous to capture an enemy or perpetrator rather than take their life. Now, our military and police organizations can accomplish this goal with a higher capacity for success while minimizing the personal risk of our heroes.

In the throes of combat, wielding boleadoras, or the newly christened BolaWrap 100, could assist in closing the distance between death and life.

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