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Included among the many headlines from this year's Olympic Games in South Korea, the Shooting Star Opening Ceremony was an impressive Intel show, helping to set the record-breaking tone for the rest of the global event. In fact, the LED light show was so inspiring it will be included in future Opening Ceremonies for all upcoming Olympic Games.

What made this showcase so exceptional?

Breaking their own previous record of having 500 unmanned drones in the air at the same time, Intel's new world record boasts an impressive 1,218 aerial vehicles in an amazing coordinated display seen by millions. Intel has become the leader in LED light shows, developing visually dynamic drone performances for the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga, and CES.

Although the show was pre-recorded to ensure the best performance possible for the Opening Ceremony (due to poor weather or unforeseen technical issues), the spectacle was admired by everyone who witnessed it. Several aspects of the show made the experience so memorable, including quantity of drones, accuracy of coordination, and length of flight time.

But the incredible depth of creativity this new style of light show presented was off the charts - due to the new technology it demanded.

"The Shooting Star drones themselves are fitted with LED lights and were exclusively designed for performance and entertainment purposes, capable of creating a wide variety of color combinations and extensively programmable regarding the shapes, animations, and choreography required..." [ READ MORE ]

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show was the reimagining of the LED light, from a stationary minor character to the star attraction. Intel has designed performances that expertly recreate the experience, wonder, and feeling of an incredible fireworks show, but the firework they created doesn't fizzle into nothingness unless they program it to do so. There are also no sounds complaints or ecological concerns that are commonplace with fireworks.

What's more impressive is that we are only in the introductory phase of this new and awesome style of light show, with future shows only getting bigger and brighter. But demand for LED items should continue to increase with the requirements of these new light shows, as smaller companies and individual consumers will also aim to mirror Intel's success. Manufacturers are no-doubt elated as they welcome this new idea, one that will help fill up their production line and boost LED sales to match the growing creativity of drone light shows.

No doubt about it, the little LED is a true Mighty Mouse type product that can create big WOW effects, even more so with Intel's re-imagined showing of unmanned aerial vehicles. What will the future bring for the LED? What more can we create with this versatile little guy? We will have to wait and see, but the smart money will look to Intel to remain the trendsetter in this domain. With the rapid advancement we have seen thus far, it isn't that crazy to imagine the next Olympic Games with an Opening Ceremony of 10,000+ light show drones in another record-breaking, awe-inspiring performance.

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