Counter Intelligence | New Enforcement Efforts Determined to "Knock-Off' Unsafe Counterfeit Electronics

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Exploding smartphones are not the only worries circulating the world of electronic devices. Cheaply made in areas with limited safety checks, the world is experiencing a boom in the development of counterfeit electronics. A new initiative in the United States aims to help alleviate this problem by targeting the illegal import and distribution of these dangerous items.


Across 54 ports, nearly 108,000 illegal hoverboards were confiscated in 2016, totaling to about 46 million dollars in sales. According to various government officials, the issues is one of public health and safety, since many of these knock-off items can easily overheat, ignite, or explode. More common items can include flash drives, cell phone accessories, smart watches, and more.
"Our collaboration with industry and external law-enforcement agencies has revealed that counterfeit electronics are a serious threat to public safety on par with fake pharmaceuticals and bogus automotive parts,” said ICE – Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Executive Associate Director Peter Edge. “We are committed to conducting aggressive investigations and targeting individuals who would violate consumer trust by recklessly selling dangerous imitation products." [READ MORE]
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Current Intelligence Briefings: January 2016