Counter Intelligence | New Kevin Speaker Tech Aims to Tackle Dangerous 'Sticky Bandit' Scenarios

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

All filthy animals beware "The Kevin".

Christened with the moniker of Macaulay Culkin's iconic Kevin McCallister character in the Home Alone movie franchise, "The Kevin" provides a customizeable speaker experience that includes a multitude of unique features.

Playing off the Home Alone theme, the speaker boasts an impressive setting that simulates human presence - meaning Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci will be thinking twice before breaking and entering your home.

A flickering blue light will emulate watching television while the sound of standup comedy plays, all while a mock conversation takes place in the kitchen.

"An accompanying app lets you choose between preset "someone's at home" scenarios including football on the TV, exercise and taking a shower. Or, you can enter details about your life and your home (such as whether you live in the city or suburbs) and create your own scenarios." [ READ MORE ]

Of course it can be used as an ambient light source or stand alone speaker as well, giving quality sound performance for all your media listening needs. But why not add these simple, sweet features for a reasonable price? The project is currently on Kickstarter with a digestible asking price of $150. Not bad for true die-hard fans of 90's culture, especially those who also value inventive home security.

Although you can put away the puppets and the string, the speaker can readily play Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and project human shadows for your Home Alone themed party.

But... will you even be there?

(VIDEO) Check Out THE KEVIN SPEAKER in Action!

Current Intelligence Briefings: January 2016