Product Intelligence | Polaroid Originals Releases a Classic Old Dog With Some Flashy New Tricks

The year was 1977; before technology was driven toward cell phones, tablets, and health-monitoring smart watches, everyone was looking forward to the next big Polaroid camera. Enter the OneStep, an affordable yet durable $40 point-and-shoot camera that just about anyone could operate. Instantly capturing those summer memories on the boardwalk was never easier.

Fast-forward to today's fast paced consumer electronic market (and Polaroid's newly launched "Originals" division - an inventive and passionate division of Polaroid dedicated to making over vintage classics) and you will find the enticing OneStep2, a classy reboot of one of Polaroid's most iconic devices.

But exactly how many new tricks can you teach an old dog?

Polaroid Originals chose to go bold, holding nothing back as they fashoined the OneStep2 for the new kids on the block. Those same kids looking to capture summer memories now have the backing of reimagined Polaroid tech. But how can you directly market to a generation who are fed new products on an hourly basis? Examine the trends and then reinvent what already worked back in 1977.

"...the most important change is the aspherical polycarbonate “selfie” lens, which can take sharp photos as close as two-feet away, compared to the original which need at least four feet." [ READ MORE ]

Turns out that Polaroid's old dogs have mastered new tricks with crowd-pleasing classic ones, resulting in a new wave of consumer interest for Polaroid. These means everyone wins across the board; consumers appreciate the new utility of a previously successful fan-favorite, suppliers have a consistent influx of new projects, and Polaroid remains relevant in the modern digital age.

What will Polaroid be making 40 years from now? It is hard to even begin speculation but, given recent history and documented successes, one could assume they will be finding new ways to get those old dogs off the porch.

(VIDEO) How to Take Your First Photo with OneStep2

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