G2 Components is an independent obsolete electronic parts supplier for wide range of hard to find parts.

As a fully powered stocking distributor G2 Components  has over 8,000,000 parts in inventory that are ready to ship right away worldwide.

Our huge stock of available parts gives G2 Components  access to more parts then other suppliers.  Our electronic parts include the following & more:



All The Biggest Manufacturers in Stock

We Supply Parts from All of the Following Manufacturers

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About G2 Components

G2 is focused on understanding customer requirements and striving for excellence in Quality, Delivery, and Service.

To provide an exemplary standard of quality service, technical support, inventory, selling procedures and reliable operational systems.

We take great measures to ensure the success of each transaction from initial offer to final delivery. As a result, our customers receive the quality products they expect – without any surprises.

Selecting the right supply channel partner to assist you in meeting your goals is critical. At G2, we are uniquely qualified to deliver effective, tailored services and solutions for your business.

G2 recognizes its responsibility for protecting the environment, preventing pollution and meeting regulatory requirements for environmental protection.

Independent Distributor

As an Independent Distributor, G2 Components, LLC. is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the products it sells except as expressly noted otherwise.

Any and all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers' names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.

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