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In 7th Century China, black powder, linen fuses and bamboo shell casings were all the components that made the first "firework." During the Renaissance, the Italians added powdered metals to manipulate color in their firework explosions. Now the American company, Intel has reinvented the firework once again.

The toxic powder explosions have been replaced by electro-luminescence, which is energy released in the form of colored photons. The smart LEDs are the latest technological leap in the story of this ancient and ephemeral art form.

The "300 Drones" exhibition at Super Bowl 51's Half Time Show, demonstrates Intel's microprocessor technology in spectacular fashion. 300 synchronized little drones laden with the powerful smart lights whisked into the night's sky, creating pre-programmed back-lit images of commercialism and patriotism on a 3 dimensional moving canvas.

Intel’s proprietary algorithms automate the animation creation process by using a reference image, quickly calculating the number of drones needed, determining where drones should be placed, and formulating the fastest path to create the image in the sky. [ READ MORE ]

The photon emitting hovering semiconductors by themselves evoke awe and wonder but the potential perpetual motion choreography of hundreds of blinking lights will surely provoke emotions ever greater. And it's no wonder that America is leading the next rebirth of the firework; making them cleaner, safer and smarter.

VIDEO: Intel Drone Team Light Show at Pepsi SuperBowl Half-Time Show

Current Intelligence Briefings: March 2017