Counter Intelligence | Red Alert! 10 Second Cancer Detection Pen Safely Locates Enemy Intruders

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Straight out of the pages of popular science-fiction space stories, this new cancer detection device ushers in an era of medical science that would make Star Trek fans giddy with excitement. That's right, starting this year, medical professionals across the globe will be able to channel their inner Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, the famed doctor on the Enterprise who travels through space while administering lightning-quick diagnosis and treatments.

The new device is a cleverly-designed "Mas Spec Pen" that uses small drops of water and a spectrometer to quickly identify any suspicious tissue which may be cancerous.

"Mas Spec aids surgeons with accurate information and more specific details as to what cells should be eliminated, what cells are to be retained for curative treatment and how recurrence of cancer could be averted." [ READ MORE ]

How quick is it?

At nearly 150 times faster than the best, most current method, the Mas Spec Pen can diagnose more precisely and clocks in at 10 seconds. Not only is it the fastest performing diagnostic test for cancer, it is also a safer method of detection:

"The type of tissue under study is displayed on the computer screen letting us know whether the tissue is malignant or healthy. The detection is much faster and safer. Surgeons can operate upon the effected cells more precisely, not harming the neighbouring healthy tissues."

In fact, the only negative aspect of this new device is that it cannot be used on all types of cancer. As this product is in the introductory launch phase, it can only be used to identify the sub-types of Breast, Thyroid, Ovarian, and Lung cancers. As technology continues to expand across various horizons of new development, additional types of cancer may be able to use the Mas Spec Pen for identification.

Although most Trek fans would pine for a Transporter Device or a Replicator Unit, this new pen is an equally impressive creation that will help save, protect, and inspire humanity for generations to come.

(VIDEO) The MASSPEC Cancer Detection Pen

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