Counter Intelligence | Smart Dust Relegates Polygraph to the Dust Bin

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

There has been some amazing advancements recently connecting brain activity directly to computers, allowing some paraplegic patients to communicate for the first time in years.

Yet the current brain-machine interfaces are bulky and limit a patient's mobility. A theoretical new procedure will sprinkle microscopic sensors throughout the cortex and interrogate them remotely using ultra sound to transmit and receive the subject's thoughts similar to RFID technology.

This could lead to breakthroughs communicating with individuals locked inside a broken body or for a more Orwellian perspective; policing individual intent or even population mind control.

The difficulty is in designing and building such a system and today’s paper is a theoretical study of these challenges. First is the problem of designing and building neural dust particles on a scale of roughly 100 micrometres that can send and receive signals in the harsh, warm and noisy environment within the body. [ READ MORE ]

Could you imagine a time where we could all be betrayed or physically imprisoned by our own thoughts? Regardless how we choose to implement this technology in the future, our current lie detector machine has just been given notice that it's days are numbered.

(VIDEO) Remote Controlled Cyborg Beetles

Current Intelligence Briefings: March 2017