Market Intelligence | Taiwanese Laser to Destroy Global Keyboard Market

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

The entire planet's manufacturing of individual plastic and ivory keys is now under threat. This new red menace plans to exterminate the last analog vestiges of our human writing tools.

Whether framing the Supreme Court's majority opinion on Net Neutrality or recording the next great symphony to fill the Sydney Opera House, it may be penned without the use of a physical keyboard.

"It’s a pain to type on the wrong keyboard layout if you speak more than one language, as different layouts may not provide the special language characters you need. But, with iKeybo, you can choose from 4 different languages keyboard layouts (English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese)..."

This laser writer in a box projects a virtual red outline of letter or music keys onto any surface. Just as computers replaced the ding of the typewriter with the sound of chattering teeth, the Ikeybo will replace the white noise of the typing pool with utter silence.

Able to switch languages and functions on the fly, the SciFi inspired writing device will change the way we work and communicate every day, particularly the guy whose job it is to install the "period" key on this keyboard I'm about to depress.

(VIDEO) See A Laser Keyboard Type Test

Current Intelligence Briefings: May 2017