Product Intelligence | Today's Rubber Ducky Leaves Little to the Imagination?

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Is there a better symbol for the simplicity of our yesteryear than the iconic rubber ducky? It has been there for us in sickness and in filth. From our reliable bathing companion to the larger than life Thanksgiving Day Parade float, the rubber ducky has stuck by us through thick and thin and always with a smile.

So Edwin, the electrified ducky by pi lab, begs the question; do electronic components make everything better? Edwin comes equipped with its own tablet app that allows toddlers to use him as a kind of joystick as they follow his digital self through his video game-like adventures. He is also a nightlight, a thermometer and a speaker yet all the while remains waterproof so Edwin can be the amphibious bubble bath buddy he has always been. But what happens when technology replaces our imagination and ability to turn certain objects into something else without the aid of a team of engineers and designers?
"Let Edwin bring your little one comfort with his built-in night light and loads of soothing sounds and lullabies you control from your phone. You can also check your baby's bath temperature to ensure it is never too warm for your baby..."

Does this trend prohibit us from deploying our own creativity to fuel our imagination, especially in our formative years? What happens to other simple items when you add a microchip, transistors and LEDs? A stick becomes a Disney copyrighted light saber, a ball becomes Pokémon grenade and a teddy bear becomes a driving hazard in need of exorcism.

Don't get me wrong, as a purveyor of electronic components and a proponent of fun at bath time, I always ask the question; do we really need to supercharge everything just because we can?

(VIDEO) Meet Edwin, the First Smart Duck

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