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A new data and delivery hub within the U.S. military aims to accelerate automation through audacious Artificial Intelligence gains, beefing up ‘battle network’ in the process.

The military might of a worldwide superpower will always be a leading factor in maintaining global authority. The United States has boastfully enjoyed this leadership role over the past several decades, as the end of the Cold War left the land of the free with the largest, most technically advanced military in the history of humanity.

Could the vast technological advances in the private sector help the U.S. Defense Department maintain this superiority, or at least keep us on par with our international counterparts?

The mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can send some people in a conspiracy-induced wave of paranoia, creating an emotional unbalance which exacerbates the theoretical fears present since the technology was first spoken of. Numerous books, comics, television shows, and films have helped predict the possibility of AI being used to end the very existence of humanity.

However, back in the real world, AI is seen as the next wave of effective autonomy within the framework of informational delivery systems. This includes the U.S. military’s newly found Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), led by the Pentagon, which aims to connect U.S. Defense personnel with members of the private sector in order to facilitate an operational relationship. This partnership seeks to help the U.S. evolve their overall autonomy to counter the similar developments of China and maintain technological prowess over everyone else.

From missile guidance systems to worldwide security protocol delivery, the automated AI technology will allow for lightning quick and exceptionally accurate distribution.

In a bit of twisted irony, the increasingly incremental progression of technology created the very problem its child (AI) looks to eradicate. Global connectivity, allowed by the internet, created the infectious spread of information which helped lesser developed nations increase their ability to evolve with the times. This makes for yet another front in the global war for supremacy: technological prowess.

The application of Artificial Intelligence in the United Stated States military will no doubt shape global events for generations to come. Right now, the U.S. is placing a huge bet on AI and will first be identifying the most ethical and safe ways to deploy their technologies. But this is no secret to those ‘in the know’ as the U.S. military has always been at the forefront of warfare safety; just review their leading development of safety protocols for naval submarines, aircraft carriers, and numerous other advances.

As Sun Tzu was rumored to say, knowing the speed of your enemy’s wireless communications and the accuracy in their delivery methods will help you conquer a neighboring force and maintain supremacy.

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