Market Intelligence | Record Losses for Top Global Brands Lead to A Corporate Landslide?

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After reporting their first quarterly company losses in over 6 years, LG cited their failing mobile division as the leading factor. But the question remains - which household names will be able to keep up with the new frontier of consumer electronics?

Panasonic also revealed they may be entering a shift away from Consumer Electronics in general. At CES this year, they mentioned applying a dedicated focus to automotive devices and home appliances. Both of those markets ended up providing Panasonic with over half of their 2016 sales revenue.

"LG Electronics Inc estimated on Friday it fell to its first quarterly operating loss in six years in October-December, a drop that analysts pinned on continued mobile losses and seasonally weaker appliances sales." [READ MORE ABOUT LG Q4 LOSSES]

"Panasonic has evolved to be much more than a company that makes consumer electronics products," said Lauren Sallata, Panasonic America's vice president of business marketing. [READ MORE ABOUT PANASONIC IN 2017]"
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(VIDEO) 2017 Update: LG Posts Record Q4 Losses

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