Market Intelligence | “You Got Your Peanut Butter in My Chocolate” Awarded Killer App of the 1980’s

Chuck Norris vs. Communism

Reese’s taught us that when two great things come together unexpectedly they can sometimes produce an even better thing than either part by itself. Today’s killer apps. however have become increasingly more life changing than chocolate covered peanut butter cups. Think… adding a camera to a cell phone.

Technology has always been about creating efficiencies but making something smaller and faster doesn’t really get consumers excited. With the proper execution conflating multiple applications, which at first glance appear to be antagonistic, can be unexpectedly symbiotic and even more radical than either original idea.

Potentially corrosive water vapor has always been a pesky byproduct of working solar panels. But the folks at Zero Mass Water are embracing the water vapor created by the dark glass panels rather than spending time and energy trying to eliminate it. Zero Mass found a way to harvest the vapor and turn it into drinking water rather than wipe it away. And because solar panels happen to work in hot arid places, another source of valuable drinking water is like manna from heaven.

Another group, Nerdalize, it turning computer server farms into residential water heaters. Rather than spending expensive energy trying to cool large numbers of humming servers with traditional air conditioning, they monetize the heat energy built up for what Nerdalize calls a “Smart Shower.” Connect the dots and the server-cooler solar-panel drinking-water device not long in the offing.

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